It's getting warmer, and that means a lot of us are starting to soak up the sun's rays and fight seasonal allergies. In this issue of The Stack, we share a few shocking facts about sun screen, a brand new interview featuring Natural Stacks founder Roy Krebs, and let you in on a little sleep secret that might surprise the hemp out of you!
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Here's what you need to know:

• Fad diets in their nature are unsustainable for metabolic progress.

• There's no guarantee that what works for one person will work for another.

• If you've been experimenting with diets, and your weight has been fluctuating for years...your metabolism is confused and out of balance. 

 Time management is everything - something as simple as planning ahead by packing a snack may make the difference of whether you have success or not. 

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"I don't believe in cheat days whatsoever," said today's OPP guest Jack McAnespy. Who at over 300lbs discovered the Ketogenic diet, and within 6 months lost over 125lbs. Jack stays killing it, and has since started the Facebook group "Common Sense Keto," amassing over 125,000 members. Managing a Facebook group of this size is like a full time job, but Jack loves being able to help people with Keto, just as Keto helped him. In this podcast Jack shares his advice for those interested in starting the Keto diet, discusses his experience with Fruitarianism, and shares some of his most important life lessons he has learned over the last year. 
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